The Dodge Company has always strived to provide our customers with the best service and products available. With the influx of tariffs on imported goods the Dodge Company has endeavored to curb rising costs from impacting our customers. We have been able to absorb the effect on some stock items, but we cannot mitigate these costs on dropship items. Based on the information we’ve received from our suppliers, the tariff charges are minimal, and apply to a small subset of imported merchandise.

At this time we’re unable to predetermine which dropship items will be affected. With the inability to predict the changes in the market, we have created a Tariff charges on imports fee that works as an additional charge added to the invoice so we may invoice the tariffs separately. This is to allow our customers to better understand how tariffs are affecting our products. Just as our dropship freight billing policy, tariff charges will be billed based on what our suppliers bill us. There will be no upcharge to our customers.

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